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在社交活动中,如欲结识某些人或某个人,而又无人引见,如有可能,即可向对方自报家门,自己将自己纳余介绍给对方。本文是我为大家整理的简短英语 自我介绍 带翻译精选10篇,仅供参考。


I am Xu Chenxi, a lively and cheerful boy, round head, a head of black hair, bright eyes, nose greatly, and a mouth not to how to talk.

I like playing badminton, skating, playing chess... But my favourite is playing badminton, every time and children played sweating like a pig, very happy.

I do my homework and disadvantages, careless, and sometimes not directly see the direct writing program.

This is me, I want to break the shortcomings in this term, do a good student.


我喜欢打 羽毛球 ,溜冰、下棋……但我最喜欢的是打羽毛球,每次和小朋友打得汗流浃背,痛快极了。




My name is thumer o, 8 years old this year. I live at 79 king street shop. My hometown is liu first, where the scenery is very beautiful. I was in the sea bo experiment elementary school, I read three class 2. Has good grades have been, every time take miyoshi students. My strengths are many, such as painting. Once, I drew a picture, and showed everyone. Everybody said I really like painting better than. I also love reading. Others lend me a book, I could see god. Friend called me, I also can't hear you. Therefore, they called me a nerd. This is me, a Renaissance man.



Hello everyone, my name is Wang Dongpu, I am a student of grade three, nine years old this year. I have a head of black hair, a round face, a pair of bright eyes.

My character is very gentle, others in my mouth sometimes cry, see small animals to eat food, see the bird fell off to find a way to send her home.

My weakness is I love watching TV, ecstasy at the sight of the more wonderful programs, mother call I eat dinner, I sometimes hear, unless my mother pulled my ears to eat.

People say I look like a girl, actually I am a boy, this is me. Hee hee...






My name is Lin and Im from China. Right now, Im a student. I study very hard every day. I like going to school because Im eager to learn. I enjoy learning English. Its my favorite class. I like to make friends and I get along with everyone. This is the introduction I give whenever I meet new people. It tells people a little bit about me and about what I like to do.



Hello, everyone. I can tell you about me! I am a happy girl. My name is Nina, I am 12 years old this year. My hobbies are singing and dancing. I usually play basketball on Saturday. I want to grow up to be a doctor .I didn’t like playing video games, but I like reading some books .I ride bike to school .I go to school from Monday to Friday. I am a good student in my school .Because I so like study .I am good kid too, Do you know? I usually do homework, help my family. My cook food is tasty .I like cat my favorite season is fall. I like warm and sunny. I so like red. This is me! What about you?

大家好。我可以告诉你关于我的!我是一个快乐的女孩。我叫妮娜,今年12岁。我的 爱好 是 唱歌 和跳舞。我通常在星期六打 篮球 。我想长大后成为一名医生,我不喜欢玩电子游戏,但我喜欢读一些书,我骑自行车上学,我从星期一到星期五上学。我是一个好学生,因为我很喜欢学习,我也是一个好孩子,你知道吗?我通常做家庭作业,帮助我的家庭。我的烹调食物很好吃,我喜欢猫,我最喜欢的季节是秋天。我喜欢温暖和阳光。我很喜欢红色。这是我!你呢?


Hello, everyone. My name is Kelly. I am friendly and honest.I am good at English and maths. I like surfing the internet,playing computer games, watching TV and traveling. I also like playing table tennis and I am good at it ,too. I often play table tennis with my friends on weekends. And I want to be a famous table tennis player when I grow up. What I like most is to see the seagulls flying freely in the sky so I often go to the sea in summer. My favourite colour is white because I think white is symbolize purity.

大家。我的名字叫凯莉。我很友好、诚实。我擅长英语和数学。我喜欢上网,玩电脑游戏,看电视和旅游。我也喜欢打 乒乓球 ,我也擅长它。我经常在周末和我的朋友打乒乓球。我希望长大后成为一个著名的乒乓球运动员。我最喜欢的是看海鸥在天空中自由地飞翔,我经常在夏天去海边。我最喜欢的颜色是白色,因为我认为白色是纯洁的象征。


Hello everyone. My name is .... I am a student of Grade eight . I am an outgoing , lovely girl and I am so welcomed by my friends and my classmates.

I often go to the movies with my friends on weekends. I can aslo play the violin and have won many prizes in the competitions. I take violin lessons twice a week.

It is a little hard for me but I am very happy , because I have a dream. I want to be a great violinist one day.

Thank you.

大家好。 我的名字是......我是 八年级 的学生。 我是一个外向的,可爱的女孩,受到我的朋友和同学的欢迎。

我经常在周末和朋友一起去看电影。 我也可以拉小提琴,并在比赛中赢得很多奖项。 我每周两次上小提琴课。

这对我来说有点难,但我很高兴,因为我有一个梦想。 我想成为一名伟大的小提琴手。



Good morning/afternoon, teachers and classmates.

Im _from class 1. I am a girl/boy of 13. My family including my father, mother and me. I like basketball best. In addition, I also like table tennis. My favorite food is carrots. Im also very interested in snacks.

Are these. Nice to meet you! I sincerely hope to make friends with you.


我是1班的_X。我是13岁的女孩/男孩。我的家庭包括我的父亲,母亲和我。 我最喜欢篮球。 另外,我也喜欢乒乓球。 我最喜欢的食物是胡萝卜。我对零食也很感兴趣

这些是。 很高兴见到你! 我真诚地希望能和你交朋友。


to introduce myself(介绍我自己) hello,every one!(大家好)my name is __ . (我叫____) im a 15 years old boy. (我是一个15岁的男孩)(具体情况自己改) i live in the beautiful city of rizhao.(我住在美丽的rizhao城)(你可以把rizhao

改成自己家乡的城市的名称的'拼音)im an active ,lovely and clever boy.(我是一个活跃的可爱的聪明的男孩) in the school , my favourite subject is maths . (在学校,我最喜欢数学) perhaps someone thinks its difficult to study well .(也许有些人认为这很难学)

but i like it.(但我喜欢他)i belive that if you try your best, everything can be done well.(我相信每件


i also like sports very much.(我也很喜欢运动) such as,running,volleyball and so on. (像跑步、 排球 等等)im kind-hearted.(我很热心)i hope we can be good friends!(我希望我们能成为好朋友) ok.this is me .a sunny boy.(好了,这就是我,一个阳光男孩) 首先要看你写信的性质。是官方而正式的书信?还是朋友间的通信? 无论是哪一种,基本的英文 书信格式 应包括四大部分:日期,称呼,正文,和落款



Today I am very happy,Because I can talk about with you.You see I am

a lovely girl,yes!I like laughing,I like studying.That`s me-- zhuyingjie from Badong shiyan primary school.I am eight. I am young but I know “we are the masters of nature.” We have only one earth. But now,the environment becomes worse and worse. As you know,theres no enough clean water for people. So many of them lose their lives because of water.If we take good care of our earth today,it will be more beautiful tomorrow.

My dear friend let us start from the trivial side,To be a good kid keeper.





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hello everyone, my name is XX. let me introduce myself. i am 32 years old, i e from beijing, i work for (or "with") XX since august 2023 (o thousand elve), the position is XX. (or "i am a XX of XX, i work for XX since august 2023.")
"working experience",not the f "work experience"
ok, i suggest you to give up the interview.
it just need to ask you a few question, you should be kick out!
you have to know that what is the meaning of shame


I am 28 years old and my job is about inter SEO.I worked in Jiangsu and Shangxi before.
I like sports especially Footable, Also I like music and listen to all kinds of music.
For the Job,I am hard-working , Additionally I'm a quik learner and good at team work


Hello,every one!(大家好)
My name is **** . (我叫****)
I'm a 15 years old boy. (我是一个15岁的男孩)(具体情况自己改)
I live in the beautiful city of Rizhao.(我住在美丽的Rizhao城)(你可以把Rizhao改成自己家乡的城市的名称的拼音)
I'm an active ,lovely and clever boy.(我是一个活跃的可爱的聪明的男孩)
In the school , my favourite subject is maths . (在学校,我最喜欢数学)
Perhaps someone thinks it's difficult to study well .(也许有些人认为这很难学)
But I like it.(但我喜欢他)
I belive that if you try your best, everything can be done well.(我相信每件事付出努力就会有害结果)
I also like sports very much.(我也很搭宽喜欢运动)
Such as,running,volleyball and so on. (像跑步、排球等等)
I'm kind-hearted.(我很热心)
If you need help ,please e to me .(如果你需要孙圆帮助,就来找我)
I hope we can be good friends!(我希望我们能成为好朋友)
OK.This is me .A sunny boy.(好了,这就是我,一个阳光男孩)


Hello everyone.It's honored that I can show myself here.I like reading,play football,surf on the inter and so on.I just graduated from University. I have no experience about this job,but I will study acplished and try my best for the job.Thanks.

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My name is JACK, home is a beautiful coastal city of Yantai, in 2008 graduated from the Luoyang Institute of Vehicle Inspection and maintenance professional, I have been in school during the serious efforts to learn, and be able to earn enough to pass their cost of living wage, 08 Conch Group in July into the procurement of production materials to do the work, the main products I buy hardware, metals, building materials, cable, electrical, bearings, tools, tray, spare parts, mainly responsible for the annual trick of tender, no contract supplies Business reconciliation, consumer aounts, the billing date on the invoice audit, review the auracy of the invoice value, strict implementation of the loan payment process, the monthly data with the butt of financial well, I leave with a good transfer of the 2023 processing procedures, 6 Suzhou month to seek new development space, I personally think that purchasing a high-risk oupations, people do first, after work, do a key factor in the procurement of personal ethical standards and emergency treatment efficiency, my motto is: earth person , serious work, thank you!


Comes from Shanghai Normal University's graduating student. I study the specialty is a puter. My disposition extroversion, the interpersonal relationship is very good! I hoped very much can arrive at your pany to work. My strong point is ...... Has the team spirit.


Dear Interviewer(s), my name is XXX. It's my pleasure to attend this interview. I'm 26 years old now. I graduated from Dong Hua University, major in logistic management. Below is my working experience:
I worked for XX pany from March 2023 to May 2023, position as customer service. My main responsibility is to answer phone calls, make stats, handle plaints.
My second job was at XX pany. I worked there from June 2023 to June 2023, as the assistant to the manager. What I mainly do was to assist the manager with the daily affairs, project management, pre-sales support and client training.
I think I'm a loyal person with good team work spirit. I can work under high pressure. I'm confident that I'm qualified to the position in your pany.
Above is my self introduction. Thank you for your time!

日语的自我介绍 希望大家帮忙翻译一下



Good day(或者goodmorning)ladiesand gentleman, I'm currently in the second year of my study on aviation of atechnical secondary school. I'm born in a city of beauty and abundance,Chengdu. My hobbies are singing and dance since from young. Besides that, Iparticipated actively in inter-school modeling petitions as well asinternships in hotels, which allows me to have the experience of theadministration and management of a firm. Having a career in aviation servicesis my dream since from young, hence I'm eager to have a chance to work in yourpany (或者那个公司的英文名字).


Good morning,everybody.I am very glad to introduce myself to you. My name is Han Liuxu, I am 20 years old this year, from Henan to Zhoukou, I like to listen to music, watching tv. I hope I can pass the interview today, although my English is very poor, but I will work hard. I hope I can improve my English here, and I want to know more about western culture!Thank you!